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As a physicist by training with a PhD on fundamental brain mechanisms as well as several years of experience in the area of automated driving, I am passionate about the power and beauty of clean and solid solutions to master complex problems - both in theory and in code.


A highly committed team-player with a passion for clean code and clean ideas, without fear of responsibility and an eagerness for knowledge.

  • Fullname: Timo Nachstedt
  • Birth Date: December 19, 1987
  • Job: Development Engineer
  • Website: www.nachstedt.com
  • Email: mail@nachstedt.com


I am thankful to profit from both, the affinity to profound theory as well as the enthusiasm for high quality coding.

  • 95%
    Coding (C++, Python, ...)
  • 90%
    Localization & SLAM
  • 90%
    Automated Driving
  • 90%
  • 90%
    Team-Work & -Leading

What happened until now.

Already during my studies, I enjoyed excursions into the industry and to apply my acquired skills to build innovative products and solutions.

Work Experience

Development Engineer, Software Architect & Product Owner

Jan 2018 - Present

Robert Bosch GmbH

At the world's biggest automotive supplier, I am working as a product owner, software architect and development engineer within the project Road Signature towards a highly precise localization of a vehicle on the road. As such, I am responsible for developing and implementing algorithms for an embedded platform, the continuous evaluation of the developed solution as well as the priorization of the work packages within the agile Scrum framework. The used technologies include C++, Python, TypeScript, React, Conan.io, Docker, Kubernetes and more.


Jan 2013 - Jun 2014

Brain Corp

Brain Corp (formerly known as Brain Corporation) is a company located in San Diego, CA, USA. It is lead by Eugene Izhikevich. When I was there, they were working on transforming their cutting-edge knowledge of neural mechanisms into solutions that revolutionize the way we interact with machines and robots. During my time with Brain Corp, I implemented variuous learning and control algorithms as well as a framework for virtual robot experiments.


Jun 2009 - Jul 2009

TeleMobile Electronics

TeleMobile Electronics is located in Gdynia, Poland. They are offering services in the area of diagnostics, tests and repairs of electronic and telecommunications devices. During my internship, I carried out a market analysis of the mobile net operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and designed and constructed an adaptable LC-bandpass filter.


PhD Student

Jan 2014 - Dec 2017

International Max Planck Research School for Physics of Biological and Complex Systems

I did my PhD in the research group of Prof. Dr. Wörgötter at the Third Institute of Physics of the University of Göttingen. In mz dissertation with the title The Emergence of complex behavior out of the interaction of different memory mechanism I was investigating the learning mechanisms implementing working memory and long-term memory in neural systems.

M.Sc. Physics

Oct 2010 - Mar 2013

University of Göttingen

Research Focus: Biophysics and Complex Systems, Computational Neuroscience. I graduated in the research group of Prof. Dr. Wörgötter. Title of my Master’s thesis: Adaptive Neural Oscillator with Synaptic Plasticity for Locomotion Control of Robots. Final grade: 1.0 with honors.

B.Sc. Physics

Oct 2007 - Jul 2010

University of Göttingen

Research focus: particle physics. I graduated in the research group of Prof. Dr. Quadt. Title of my Bachelor's thesis: “Reconstruction of Z- and Higgs-Bosons in Tau-Final States with the ATLAS Detector”. Final grade: 1.1 with honors.


Jul 2000 - Jun 2007

Matthias-Claudius-Gymnasium Gehrden (Secondary School)

Core Subjects: Physics, Mathematics. I was an active member of the school orchestra by playing the clarinet. Additionally, I supervised the school webpage working group. Final grade of my Abitur: 1.0.  


Check out Some of My Private Works.

I love solving problems. And I love to code and to get to know new techniques and best practices. From time to time, I stumble up on a problem which I feel I can solve by a bit of creativity and coding effort. Here, you find a selection of the outcomes.


My Academic Impact.

During the work on both my Master's thesis and my PhD thesis, I actively shared my results with the scientific community in peer-reviewed conferences as well as in well-established scientific journals. In addition, I contributed to the work of colleagues and collaboration partners.

First Authorships

Fast Dynamical Coupling Enhances Frequency Adaptation of Oscillators for Robotic Locomotion Control

Nachstedt T, Tetzlaff C, Manoonpong P. Frontiers in Neurorobotics 11, 2017.

Adaptive neural oscillators with synaptic plasticity for locomotion control of a snake-like robot with screw-drive mechanism

Nachstedt T, Wörgötter F, Manoonpong P, Ariizumi R, Ambe Y, Matsuno F. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2013.

Adaptive Neural Oscillator with Synaptic Plasticity Enabling Fast Resonance Tuning

Nachstedt T, Wörgötter F, Manoonpong P. In: Villa A.E.P., Duch W., Érdi P., Masulli F., Palm G. (eds) Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning – ICANN 2012. ICANN 2012. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 7552. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg


Learning and Chaining of Motor Primitives for Goal-Directed Locomotion of a Snake-Like Robot with Screw-Drive Units

Chatterjee S, Nachstedt T, Tamosiunaite M, Manoonpong P. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems 12(12), 2015.

Stability analysis of a hexapod robot driven by distributed nonlinear oscillators with a phase modulation mechanism

Ambe Y, Nachstedt T, Manoonpong P, Matsuno F. Proceedings of IEEE/RJS International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems(IROS), 2013.


Adaptive Neural Oscillator with Synaptic Plasticity for Robot Locomotion Control

Master's thesis. Submitted to the Faculty of Physics of the University of Göttingen in March  2013.

Reconstruction of Z and Higgs Bosons in Tau Final States with the ATLAS Detector

Bachelor's thesis (German). Submitted to the Faculty of Physics of the University of Göttingen in July 2010.


Experience on Three Continents.

Besides of travelling to explore the world, I also had the chance to gather valuable cultural experiences about both working and everyday life while working on projects in various exciting parts of the planet.

Hobbies and Interests

My Spare Time Activities.


Soccer, Tennis, Running, Bicylcing


Youth Politics Engagement


Coding, Creative Work


Pop & Rock, Concerts, New Music


Pizza, Pasta, Barbecue


Ballroom Dance

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